Whether you're a Realtor, insurance salesperson, or other self-employed individual that regularly performs most of your administrative tasks, you will benefit immensely by hiring a skilled virtual assistant. If you haven't heard the news already, there are numerous benefits linked with hiring a virtual assistant which include helping to increase your productivity and in growing your business faster.

According to an article published at RealtorMag.org, one of the biggest factors that prevents agents from growing their real estate businesses is trying to do everything themselves. Many low-income earning agents believe doing it themselves lets them stay in complete control of their business and not to mention the fact they think they're saving money by not hiring a professional to do the work. However, this type of thinking can hinder your business' growth. When you spend hours performing administrative tasks, you are pulled away from important projects directly linked with generating income for your business.


Need more reasons why to hire a virtual assistant? Well, here's something else to think about. When you assign your administrative tasks to a virtual assistant, you bypass spending time and money on learning new software to complete these tasks yourself, which means less time making your eyes go bad from staring at a bright computer screen constantly.

Also, regarding your "real" project costs, when you perform tasks that fall outside your competency range, they actually end up costing you way more money than had you hired a virtual assistant to complete them. In addition to wasting more time and throwing more money down the drain by doing the work yourself, you end up with a mediocre finished project and not to mention the fact it may result in a prospect or client that is left unimpressed by what you displayed on the PowerPoint projection screen. Even worst still, you may lose that prospect because he questions your decision in showing him an inferior presentation and speculates your poor judgment extends to other areas of your business.

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Are you a business owner or self-employed professional that worked with a virtual assistant in the past, but your assistant couldn't help you with the variety of projects you needed completed? Perhaps you needed a complex Excel spreadsheet created, but she only knew how to use Word to create standard letters, simple flyers, and short mailing lists.

Maybe instead you needed her to develop an elaborate database in Access or Excel to help you track and manage hundreds of new leads, but she told you she didn't know how to use either application so you had to hire another assistant to complete the project.

Well, luckily, when you work with Tracy Miller, you can entrust her with most, if not all, of your administrative projects. Tracy has been working with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel since their creation, which was around 1989 or 1990. Besides providing strong support in the creation of documents, presentations, and spreadsheets, Tracy provides assistance with calendar management, email maintenance, and customer service/client support just to name a few of the different projects on her support list.

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